The Focus Pieces highlight topics relevant to the USAID-BEST Project, studies and research the team finds particularly useful, and discussion pieces for all involved in food security.

Christopher Barrett's Reports on Local and Regional Procurement

Chris Barrett and colleagues at Cornell University have written a series of papers regarding the local and regional procurement of food aid. According to the research, the local or regional purchase of food aid can result in quicker and cheaper deliveries of food aid than the purchase of food aid from the United States or other donor countries. However, when examining the efficiency of local and regional procurement, one must consider factors such as food quality, quantity, seasonality, and the potential for corruption. These studies recommend that local and regional procurement efforts receive expanded funds to draw firmer conclusions on the appropriateness and effectiveness of local and regional procurement to increase food security in the developing world.

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USAID Monetization Field Manual

The USAID Office of Food for Peace Monetization Field Manual was recently updated by USAID-BEST; this document is the first revision to the Manual since October 1999. In addition to a new look and more user-friendly layout, the Manual now features simplified language and guidance for organizations carrying out monetization sales. The Manual contains guidance on conducting a market analysis to plan for a monetization sale, provides references on where to obtain relevant data on commodity prices and trade volumes, and offers sample sales contracts that reflect best practices.

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Latest Reports

Liberia: The Role of Markets in Food Security, Pre-Ebola Crisis, 2014 View report

Bangladesh USAID-BEST
Analysis, 2014
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Analysis, 2013
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